Classes for Children with Special Needs


Children with special need are welcome to attend any of Marjory’s

regular classes. Please feel free to contact her directly with any concerns

or to discuss which class would be the best fit for your child.

Summer Yoga for Special Kids:

In response to the many requests Marjory had for a yoga class for kids

with special needs and their siblings, she offered two sessions for

children 6-12+ years during the summer of 2015.

Class times have not yet been determined for future Yoga

or Movement classes specifically  for kids with special needs.

Marjory welcomes feedback about preferred times, dates and

ages, so please feel free to email her with your preferences.

Please contact Marjory directly for more information

Many thanks to Autism Speaks, and Family Services, MVCS for their generous contributions in keeping the cost low for the Summer 2015 classes. Also to Suzanne Fronzuto, whose studio, Beatitudes, we used and who assisted with the 2015 classes.

Marjory Trott, Nantucket, MA